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The Moku Moku No Mi is a logia fruit that allows its user to transform into smoke at will.


Keybind Move Description Mas Requirement Gif
E White Blow You fly up into the air and punch out smoke and if you move your camera around you can change where it goes 1 N/A
R White Out The user flies up into the air sending out smoke blinding and stunning the emery making all the moves you do crits. 25 N/A
Z White Spark N/A 40 N/A
X White Blow N/A 100 N/A


Combo Difficulty Gif Note

Recommended Mentors and Traits

Mentor Perk Reason
Trait Effect Reason


  • Some moves can stun which can provide support to escape or gain some distance in PvP and PvE



  • The Moku Moku No Mi is currently being used by Smoker, a marine from One Piece