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Mentors are support characters that provide perks depending on what Mentor you have and can be obtained by using an egg which will spawn every 20 minutes.


Mentor Eggs Mentor Rarity Descriptions/ Perks Series
Present Mic Egg

Present Mic Egg

Common Passive: Eardrum shatter stuns for longer and disorients targets. My Hero Academia

Hisashi Midoriya Egg

Common Passive: Deals bonus damage to burning targets My Hero Academia

Cain Barzad

Common Passive: Blaze's Blast now stuns longer and applies exposed Seven Deadly Sins

Dabi Egg

Rare Passive: Damage over time effects last 2x longer

Perk 1: Burst of blue flame now does bonus damage against airborne targets

Perk 2: Blue fire raise now applies airborne and has an invincibility frame

My Hero Academia

Enel Egg

Rare Passive: Enemies are now weakened and exposed by 25%. (Enemy attacks deal 25% less damage. Enemies take 25% more damage) One Piece

White Beard Egg

Rare Passive: E now acts like a shield, nullifying attacks in range.

Perk 1: R: now stuns for longer

Perk 2: C: now disorients their screen and now applies exposed

One Piece

Ace Egg


Rare Passive: All attacks exploit burning One Piece

Gekko Moria Egg

Rare Passive: All attacks applied weakened.

Perk 1: Bonus damage against weakened targets

One Piece

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