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Magma Knight is the evolved weapon of Blazing Knight and specializes in burn damage.


Location Price in Cash Vendor
Bar 43,000 Comedy

How To Obtain

Use Blazing Knight and level it up to 500 mastery. Use a Fire Stone on Blazing Knight to get Magma Knight.

Move Set

Keybinds Move Name Move Summary Mastery Requirement Move Damage Scaling GIF
E Blazing Slash EX A Standard Slash Forward with Decent AOE 0
R Blazing Stomp EX A Pillarlike Attack That Stuns and Burns Enemies 65
C Blazing Double Slash EX Multiple Slashes That Have Decent AOE 370
X Blazing Heat 360 Fire Circle That Deals Burn Damage At High Rates 700


Trait Recommendations

Traits Perks
Legendary Gives the highest stats out of all the other traits
Mighty Gives great stats in everything but Endurance
Noble Less than Mighty but better than most traits

Class Recommendations

Class Name Perk Reason
Blaster 25% more damage and higher crit damage Your damage output goes up a lot and can put out high damage combos.
Bruiser 20% damage reduction if you are hit. You dish out 10% of that damage. Magma Knight deals great damage but can rarely take it so if you can have this the
Tactician Lowers cooldowns The special for this sword is long so the cooldowns give better combos.

Mentor Recommendations

Mentor Name Perk Reason Picture of Egg Picture of Used Mentor
Hisashi Midoriya Raises your Burn Damage Burn damage is an important part of this sword and the more damage the better.



Combo Combo Summary
X-R-C-E This combo does very high damage with the potential to one shot many dummies and enemies.

This combo also has very large AOE.



  • Very good for farming due to its AOE
  • E and C doesn’t have a long cool down
  • It has an overall good burn damage.
  • Paired with Midoriya it does great damage over time.


  • X takes a long time to recharge
  • Magma Knight was nerfed during the new update so it does less damage than before


  • Magma Knight is the evolved version of Blazing Knight.
  • Magma Knight was nerfed during the new update so it does less damage than before