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Kage Kage No mi is a rare fruit also known as the shadow fruit and gives the user the ability to control shadows and even take others shadows.


Keybind Move Description Mas Requirement GIF
E Brick Bat The user emits a shadow blast in front of them lasting for 5 seconds and dealing large damage 1
R Black Box The user punches and encases Enemies and Players in a black box, stunning them 65
C Shadow Walk The user pulls in all enemies within a large range, stunning them 370
X Spiky Shadow Lizard The user pulls in players and NPC's that are near them in, stunning them then unleashing a black lizard that comes from under and deals damage 700


  • the 3rd move is good for opening combos as it pulls players and NPC's in



This fruit is used by Gecko Moria in One Piece.