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Fruits are items that give you several abilities and can be used for grinding, trading or fighting. Upon eating a fruit you receive a random class. Classes will give you a bonus buff like taking less damage or healing when you hit. It also gives you a random trait, which can boost certain stats by an amount or weaken a certain stat.


Common - 78%

Rare - 22%


Picture Fruit Name Rarity User Classification
Moku Moku No Mi /Smoke Fruit Rare Smoker Logia
Goro Goro no mi.png
Goro Goro No Mi / Rumble Fruit Rare Enel Logia
Image (15).png
Mera Mera No Mi / Flame Fruit Rare Ace Logia
Pika Pika No Mi.png
Pika Pika no mi / Light fruit Rare Admiral Kizaru/ Borsalino Logia
Gura Gura No Mi / Quake Fruit Rare Whitebeard/ Edward Newgate Paramecia
Kage Kage no mi.png
Kage Kage No Mi / Shadow Fruit Rare Gekko Moria Logia
Yami Yami No Mi / Dark Fruit Rare Blackbeard Logia
Danger Sense V2 Rare Midorya/Deku Paramecia


  • Fruits are based off Devil Fruits from the popular show:One Piece