Black Leg Style

Black Leg Style is a fighting style based on Sanji's flighting style, it can be upgraded into Diablo Jambe and is mainly based on kick attacks.

Obtaining Diablo Jambe

Diablo Jambe is an upgraded version of Black Leg and is also use by Sanji, the steps on obtaining it are beloew

  1. Obtain 500 Mastery on Black Leg, by either grinding or using codes
  2. Use a Fire Stone


Keybind Move Name Move Description
E Mouton Shot User kick the air sending a shockwave forward dealing moderate damage.
R Party Table Kick Course User kicks several times dealing moderate damage
Z Reception
X Anti Manner Kick Course


  • You have to be close inorder to hit them, giving others the advantage if they have long range moves in PvP and PvE


  • Black Leg and Diablo Jambe are fighting styles based off Sanji's fighting style, taught to him by Owner Zeff otherwise known as "Red Foot Zeff" from the popular show: One Piece

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